Burnt mattress and bottles left on a beach!



And nearby the remnants of a tent or pop-up marquee


Think of others.

Don't trespass, don't annoy the neighbours and leave your camp site as you would hope to find it.


Don't be a yobbo!


The sad truth is that a small minority of people who get out on the river don't show it, the nearby neighbours, or those who will visit that site next any respect by trashing the site, leaving rubbish behind or disturbing the peace.


In the Fishing Trail Guide for the Macquarie River (check out www.rivertrails.com.au) we included the following tips - please note them and act responsibly, otherwise these areas by the river will be shut-off from everyone!


How to be a RiverSmart angler


Being a riversmart angler includes a range of things you should do to help sustain the fish populations, but to also reduce your impact or, 'footprint', on the river. 


Below we've provided a list of things you should or shouldn't do when out enjoying and relaxing by the river.


1. Practice catch and release fishing – don't take more than you need for a feed!


2. Fish according to the rules, and make sure you have a current fishing licence. The fishing rules and regulations in NSW are available from places where you can purchase a licence and also on-line from the NSW Department of Primary Industries' web site.


3. Don't trespass on private property. If in doubt, don’t go there. It goes without saying (but some idiots still do it) - don't cut fences or locks to gain access!


4. Leave gates how you find them. Close gates after you if that's how you found them.


5. Always take your rubbish with you. If Councils have to start paying to clean up after you then they may close these reserves to fishing and camping.  And, why not take a spare plastic bag with you and pick up what some other less thoughtful person might have dropped or left behind


6. Never throw your empty bottles or other rubbish in the river…and it goes without saying - don't use the river as a toilet.


7. Minimise road damage – if you rip and tear and dig up roads and beaches the next time it rains all that soil will wash into the river and destroy fish habitat. Drive sensibly.


8. Respect the neighbours. If you're camping by the river sounds carry a lot further, so remember this and try to keep your partying to reasonable hours and decibels.


9. If you can, bring your own fire wood - assuming a camp fire is allowed. Check on this before your trip and make sure you know what the fire risk is – don't light fires if the risk is too high, and always make sure your campfire is well extinguished as you leave.


10. Also check if pets are allowed where you're going – some reserves allow them, others don't. Other people may not want your dog harassing them!





Bush toilet left behind and then disturbed by wildlife or pigs - really people, at least take a shovel with you!



Discarded camping rubbish, bottles, plastic bags etc...hmm


Take your rubbish home with you!

Think of others.