Heavily polluted run-off - yuk!


Photograph: Libby McIntyre

What collects in the river via stormwater



Tell us about polluted run-off


Call 1800 RIVERWATCH (748 379) if you have information to help us reduce these forms of pollution.


If you see scenes like these then tell us so we can advise the relevant local Council of the problem.


Stormwater run-off is a major polluter of the Macquarie River so we need to identify these sources and try to fix the causes.


Sometimes this form of pollution comes from building sites or farmlands, or is simply the litter thoughtless people drop in the street that then gets washed into the river by rainfall.


Today, landowners and managers are expected to reduce these forms of soil erosion and other pollution using a range of generally simple strategies. This is not rocket science! 


If you own land on the river, we suggest you get hold of "Tips for how to be a RiverSmart farmer" and find out how to reduce your river 'footprint'. Contact us for a CD copy or click on the cover below to download the document (it's 5.5 megs!).





Upstream erosion is harming our river!