A fisheries officer with a catch of Murray cod that was seized during an operation on illegal fishing. Source: The Daily Telegraph 5 July 2012

Droppers - some of the illegal anglers' tools in trade



Report the use of illegal fishing gear and practices - stop the cheats!


The Macquarie is a great place to fish…but sadly illegal fishing is harming our native fish stocks. 


Set lines, droppers, drum nets and gill nets are illegal for a reason….they catch and kill indiscriminately – all types of fish, including threatened species, and other wildlife.


These fishing methods have to stop….so you, and your kids, will still have fish to catch in the future.


Help end illegal fishing on the Macquarie …call 1800 RIVERWATCH (1800 748 379), anonymously if you like, and we'll connect you with the relevant authorities. 


Record and report vehicle or boat registrations if possible.


Alternatively, call the Fisheries hotline for this purpose 1800 043 536 or click on this link to report an incident on-line




Fishing as it used to be - but not now.


Native fish numbers are estimated to be at 10% of what they were when Europeans settled in Australia.


Being greedy, taking more than allowed, ignoring size limits and closed seasons is just cheating everyone, and the next generations of anglers....


Source: Wikipedia



Community service announcement you'll be seeing in local papers.