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It's not all bad!


While Macquarie RiverWatch is about trying to reduce the level of illegal fishing and dumping we also want to use this campaign to improve our understanding of the iconic wildlife of the river.  Species like platypus and water rats - tell us where you see them so we can understand where to focus habitat improvement works.


Likewise, the Macquarie perch (see below), is thought to be extinct on this river, but there are some people who claim they've caught one in the last few years.  Let's find out if they're still around in the Macquarie river - after which they were named.


Macquarie perch - do we still have them on the Macquarie river? Photo G Schmida

which is also 1800 748 379

Put this number in your phones' contact list for speedy use.

How this came about

RiverWatch is quite simply Neighbourhood Watch for rivers, and in this case the Macquarie River in the central-west of NSW.

Macquarie RiverWatch is not be confused with Sunraysia River Watch in Victoria which has been operating since 1992 (click here to find out more). We appreciate them allowing us to copy their concept.

Like in urban areas there are people who sadly don't respect our rivers and the steady stream of reports of illegal fishing and dumping of household and building wastes along the Macquarie provoked our two organisations - RiverSmart Australia and the Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association -  into action (see below).

The use of illegal fishing gear like set lines, droppers, drum and gill nets is only part of the problem and this campaign also aims to educate the angling community to know the rules and apply them, to avoid targeting Murray cod during their breeding season, to know where and how opera house traps can be used...and more.

See our first batch of Community Service Announcements that will screen on WIN from 26 June - follow this link. Thanks to the following for endorsing and assisting with the making of these: Mark Coulton (Federal Member for Parkes), Troy Grant (State Member for Dubbo), the Mayors of Wellington, Dubbo, Narromine and Warren (Rodd Buhr, Mathew Dickerson, Billy McAnally, Rex Wilson respectively) and Rob Paxevanos of Fishing Australia. Tim Gavel (ABC sports commentator) kindly donated his time to do the voiceovers.

Macquarie RiverWatch is not just about being proactive to bring an end to illegal fishing and dumping, we also want to use this campaign to help target actions that will reduce polluted run-off - dirty plumes of soil and litter in the river can be stopped if we know they happen. The best time to spot these plumes is immediately after rainfall.

Soil-laden plume from creekline after rain

Illegal fishing and dumping - see below - are spoiling the Macquarie River for everyone.

Do something about it by reporting these activities
 when you see them, anonymously if you wish.

Report car and/or boat registration details, where and
when you saw the alleged offence take place.

From Dubbo's Daily Liberal 21 March 2012


Household materials dumped by the Macquarie river in Dubbo, April 2013

Macquarie RiverWatch is an initiative of our two not-for-profit organisations and is provided as a community service to help make the Macquarie river a better place for all those wanting to enjoy it now and into the future.